Deterioration can cause reduced energy production and possible catastrophic failure if left unnoticed. Repeating inspections and performing quick operations with a sUAS will save millions of dollars in future repairs. The use of UAV inspections is able to decrease the amount of times a human/client has to arrive on site to inspect a certain project.


SkySkopes conducts aerial blade inspections using commercial-grade UAVs that are operated by certified professional pilots that can provide higher resolution capabilities than standard ground methods. Implementing this technology will save costs, increase efficiency on the traditional methods, and dramatically decrease the risk for all inspectors.


Solar panels emit a certain amount of heat, and damaged/defective solar panels give off more heat than functioning panels. Using thermal/IR sensors can detect heat differences to accurately determine where a repair is needed. A aerial perspective from a UAV with an IR sensor camera mounted to the aircraft can identify faulty solar panels efficiently and cost effectively, which in return, allows the customer to easily replace the panel for optimal use.


UAVs can be a useful tool for inspecting and maintaining the performance of water dams. Using cutting edge technology, proprietary sensors, software, and other tactics gives SkySkopes the ability visually inspect water assets to make sure each dam is running cost efficiently. Integrating thermal and RGB payloads can detect certain defaults in the dams operating workflow.