From essential aeronautical knowledge of airspace to technical inner workings of small unmanned aircraft systems, SkySkopes Academy provides you with the critical knowledge you need to fly safely and effectively. Our talented instructors and comprehensive courses offer the knowledge you need to operate unmanned aircraft responsibility.  


Remote Pilot Ground School (FAA Part 107)

Coming Early Spring 2017

We are excited to offer a self-paced, online course designed to give you the knowledge needed prior to operating an unmanned aircraft in the National Airspace System. The course covers all of the topics required for passing your Remote Pilot Knowledge Test with quizzes and practice exams included in the curriculum. However, this is not just another course that simply involves passing a test. We are designing the course with interactive learning components that allow you to apply what you learn to real-world flights. We will also be available to answer any questions you have while taking the course or after you have finished and passed your knowledge test.

Flight Courses

Coming Early Summer 2017

We look forward to offering a Basic, Advanced, and tailored flight courses to help you safely fly in the National Airspace System.  In the Basic Flight Course, we will apply the concepts taught in the Remote Pilot Ground School (included as part of the training) and transfer that knowledge to hands-on flight training.  The Advanced Course is geared toward individuals comfortable with operating unmanned aircraft.  It focuses on mission planning, sensor systems, data collection and analysis, and advanced maneuvers. Tailored courses are intended to add to the Basic and Advance course knowledge and help you integrate unmanned aircraft into your profession (farmer, law enforcement, engineer, etc.).      

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Course (UAS I)

Coming Late Summer 2017

In partnership with the North Dakota Center for Distance Education, we are developing a semester-long distance learning course for students in Grades 8-12.  This course is designed to develop students’ interest in unmanned aviation.  As part of the course, students will learn about history, regulations, and uses of unmanned aircraft. Students also will learn basic aviation concepts, such as weather and mission planning, and have the opportunity to learn basic flight skills using UAS simulator software.

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